Natural Body Care

Mainly a workshop day in our teaching barn but will include a walk around the farm and gardens. Learn to make a wide range of body care products, using natural ingredients, from shampoo to body butter and soap to face cream. All the materials and ingredients will be provided and you will take home a guide and recipe book plus at least three products you have made, along with the knowledge to have a go yourself.

Date: Sunday, 26th April 2020
Time:  9.30 til 4
Cost:  £80, including all materials (£20.00 deposit to secure a place)
Venue: Beardwood Natural Living Project

Traditional Herbal Beer and Brewing

Date : Saturday 16th May 2020
Time : 9.30 till 4
Cost : £70.00  (£20 deposit to secure a place)
Venue: Beardwood Natural Living Project

There has been a long tradition of preserving and enhancing the properties of herbs through the brewing of beers, ales and meads.

In this one day workshop we will learn about this tradition by actually brewing some beer. We will head out on a walk to identify and collect some of the ingredients, and then back at the teaching barn, we will go through the simple and practical process of brewing some beer. We will also sample some and look at their properties.

At the end you will take away a recipe book with ideas to try at home and some samples.


Herbs for Horses

Spend the day finding out what common herbs and plants found in your area will benefit your horses health. We will first take a walk around the area identifying plants and learning their health benefits for our equine friends. On returning to the farm we will have a practical workshop on preparing and administering the herbs and also how they can be made available through improvement in grazing for long term natural health.

Date:    Saturday 30th May 2020
Time:    10 till 3
Cost:     £60.00 (£20 deposit to secure place)
Venue:   Beardwood Natural Living Project
Horse Stall Portrait

Summer Herb Walk and Workshop


Join us on our annual summer walk and workshop. On the walk, guided by a practicing, qualified herbalist, we will identify and collect medicinal herbs and learn how they can support our health and wellbeing. When we get back to the farm we will use them to make teas, tinctures, creams and  syrups. You will get to take a handbook and some remedies you made home with you. All the materials are provided. Always a highlight of the year!

Date:   Sunday 28th June, 2020
Time:   9.30 till 4
Cost:   £70.00 (£20 deposit to secure place)
Venue: Beardwood Natural Living Project

Flower essences and mindfulness day


Immerse yourself in nature for the day , making flower remedies and engaging in a mindfulness walk. With both our herbalist and mindfulness practitioner, learn how to make tree and flower essences made famous by Bach flower remedies, discover their properties and how to use them for emotional support. We will combine this with grounding exercises and a mindfulness walk to really make a connection with nature and the spiritual and emotional support it can bring. A guidebook on essences and some mindfulness exercises will be provided and you will take home the essence you made.

Date: TBC (July 2020)
Time: 10 till 3
Venue: Beardwood Natural Living Project
Price: £60 (£20 deposit to secure your place)

Berry's Roots and winter remedies


Join us on our autumn walk and workshop. On the walk we identify and collect useful berries and the roots of common medicinal plants. On our return to the farm we will use these to make warming teas, cough syrups and winter remedies , as well as skin creams for cold damaged skin. We will also look at common kitchen herbs and spices that can be utilised through the winter. Take some remedies you have made home along with the autumn handbook.

Date:  Saturday 19th September 2020
Time:  9.30 till 4
Venue: Beardwood Natural Living Project
Cost:   £70.00 (£20 deposit secures a place)
For Details of the Practical Home Herbalist Course please click here for the dedicated page