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Herbal Courses

Practical courses and classes in natural health, wellbeing and self-reliance

Meet Richard Linton

Natural Health Specialist

Richard, a practicing herbalist, leads the courses and has a passion for practical and natural methods for everyone to enhance their health and well-being and still support and be a part of the environment around them. The health benefits of being in nature are well proven and being immersed, and using the resources the plants that surround us offer, can only enhance this.

Following a long interest in healthy food and lifestyle, Richard trained as a medical herbalist at the College of Phytotherapy and completed his qualification at the University of East London. He has subsequently trained in naturopathy and nutrition and researched self reliancea nd alternative technology. Richard has now worked as a qualified herbalist and natural health consultant for over 20 years. Originally being trained as a teacher he has both the knowledge and skills to create enjoyable and informative courses.

meet richard
Why Naturopathy


Here are some of our course, Go to Course details for information on individual courses, dates and prices. Or Click on Home Herbalist course above for our more extensive course

Day walk and workshop

Several times a year we have a morning walk followed by an afternoon workshop where we make remedies and balms

Natural Body Care Workshop

Learn to make everything from face creams to shampoos, lip balms to face masks using only natural ingredients.

Herbs for animals

For pet and livestock owners a walk and workshop introducing the common plants that can support an animals health and how to administer them

The practical home herbalist

A much more extensive course over 4 weekends through the year, for those who want to have a more detailed knowledge of how ,what and when to use herbs, to treat minor ailments and make their own herbal first aid kit to keep at home. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE

Walks for groups

Guided walks for your group, at our venue, or in your own area

Nutrition and Outdoor Cooking

From foraging to open fire cooking, a day to explore healthy nutrition in a new way



"Great balance of theory and practical - learned a lot and a great starting base of knowledge"

Some comments from our last day

Get in touch for any further information or to book your place

Contact Info


07795 663 930

Brookside Cottage, Rowarth, High Peak SK22 1EB


The majority of our courses are held in Rowarth on the edge of the Peak District (SK22 1EB for navigation purposes) where we have access to a wide range of habitats within walking distance. There is also the clubhouse at the Old Little Mill Shooting Ground which gives us indoor and outdoor facilities for workshop and teaching.

Anyone coming by public transport please get in touch for details.

We also run walks and talks at other venues for particular interest  groups, these are referred to in the individual course details

Workshop and Classroom
Indoor and Outdoor Classroom
Farmland, Moorland and Woodland
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